7 yoga classes and meditation sessions; including a very special Buena Onda MoonLight Yoga under the jungle's full moon.3 nights shared accomodation in Chacra Mariposa's beautiful Cabaña Grande Delicious and nutritious meals created thoughtfully with happily grown ingredients from sustainable farms and local producers. Vegetarian options.Workshops chosen by participants prior to departure for the retreat.Group discussions about the greater meanings of yoga and sustainability.A day at Mama Roja's Sustainable Living Project learning about alternative energy, easy kitchen tricks, organic gardening and various composting methods.Transportation to and from the Oberá meeting point, and scheduled trips.

Trip Inclusions

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Travel expenses to and from Oberá.Beverages and additional food items purchased outside of the included meals.Gratuities including meal service, tips for taxis, tour guides, maid service etc. are at your discretion.All personal expenses.Travel Insurance- There are no refunds or exchanges at any time for any reason, and travel insurance is highly recommended. World Nomads Travel Insurance comes highly recommended from other travelers, although Sustainable Earth Yoga Retreats makes no guarantees about your satisfaction with their service.


Nature Expressions


Mama Roja Falls

Payment and Retreat Agreement

By submitting my payment I agree to the following:

I agree that Sustainable Earth Yoga Retreats, Buena Onda Yoga, Chacra Mariposa, Mama Roja, group leaders and other service providers associated with this package shall not be held responsible for any damages, loss or delay. I agree to assume all risks associated with the trip and agree that no liability will attach to Sustainable Earth Yoga Retreats, Buena Onda Yoga, Chacra Mariposa, Buena Onda, group leaders or other service providers for any personal injury, illness, delay, loss or damage to property or health.

Neither Sustainable Earth Yoga Retreats, Buena Onda Yoga, Chacra Mariposa nor Mama Roja shall be held liable or responsible for any expenses including but not limited to lodging, meals and transportation incurred by delays or other annoying issues outside of our control.

Our package prices include the specific inclusions listed on the retreat webpage. Sustainable Earth Yoga Retreats reserves the right to change the program schedule if necessary. If you choose to make other meal arrangements or not participate in any part of the group itinerary, no part of the package price is refundable due to non-participation.

A non-refundable $150 deposit will reserve your space. The balance is due 30 days before the arrival date. A 10% late fee will be added each week until the balance has been submitted.

Reservation is effective upon receipt of the registration form and payment of the deposit. If you are unable to come due to any reason you may send someone in your place or contact us for information on wait-listed individuals.

If you are a smoker, you will not be required or asked by the Retreat to desist, nor will you be met with judgment. However, please maintain an appropriate level of discretion and respect to the others.

The recreational use of any drugs other than the moderate use of alcohol, tobacco and caffeine is strongly discouraged throughout the trip. If you disturb the experience of other guests with partying, disrespect or abuse of nature, you will no longer be welcome to participate with the rest of the group, will not be refunded and will be required to pay for a transfer from the premises.

All participants must fill out a registration form in order to participate. Submission of the registration form will temporarily hold your spot, but reservation is only guaranteed upon recepit of payment. Receipt of payment constitutes acceptance of these terms.

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